miercuri, 26 mai 2010



The concrete city weeps being left behind the wall
That embraces tenderly all the sunburnt wonders.
Chipped stones,grounded sand,blue stars,they all
Count in silence the shore's small hours.
As the horizon swallows easy dimming light,
The map of yellow challenges darkness to a fight.

Fearless as the silver swords in lover's hearts
And prouder than a rusty key in a lock,
The sea's black eye never releases what it wants:
Death's chocking fist forgot here how to knock.
In serene army the salty waves come in in
And without notice crash against my skin...

I follow a hipnotic shadow of the liquid gods,
Leaving the flood of memories to freely dance.
The melody's spiral for a pinched sky departs,
Brown skin wishing only for a sweet chance.
Few flowers of seashells bloom far away,
Knitting lively lace on the shoulders of the bay.

When dragonflies and emotions fill this April's air,
My heart breathes on its own the peaceful breeze.
Heavenly painting,you could not turn into a vanity fair!
I wish this image of bliss on my sinful eye freeze!
While tinted clouds play cards above my head,
I fall asleep on the salty pillow of nature's bed...

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Ţi-am spus deja că îmi place, nu?


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da,scumpa mea ;;):">