luni, 5 decembrie 2011

Sweet dreams


Well,this comes as no surprise to me whatsoever.
I mean...Why should my dreams come true,huh?
It's not like I really wanted them to...Neah!
I had a feeling things were too good to be true.And so they were...
I took it as it came-like a bitter pill sliding down my throat.
Then silence settled in.Then numbness.Then peace.
Maybe this is not my time.Maybe I need to shine later on in this show.Maybe I'm just a perpetual 'extra'.Who knows?
I remember my childhood.How easy everything seemed back then!
Now,it's like one race after another.But I don't even get to win a prize...
I'm not sad.Just more aware.And quiet.
I love and I hate at the same time,knowing to be grateful for what I do have now.At this moment in time.
It's cold and I'm sad.It's warm and I'm blessed.
I'm young and I couldn't care less.

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