vineri, 3 decembrie 2010


It's just one of those days-
Fucked up,I mean!
You start out good,with laughs and jokes,
To end up crawling in a puddle of mud
At the end of the day.

Why on Earth 
Did I end up
With every schizophrenic emotion known to man?
My body feels like an asylum and my mind like a cradle
For the mad.

I'm not ok,don't you get it?
On the verge of collapsing,you still need a minute?!
To do what?
Carve another lie?
Brother,you must be mistaking me for another kind!

I may be broken,but I'm not stupid-well,not as do I appear to be!
Say it right,for once in your life,just...
Just don't make my cry!
I may be weird and awkward,
But I'm not gonna bother
To lend my soul
To every idiot that crosses the road.

Don't get it?You needn't.
I'm in my world,and you're not in it
But a pawn made up of
Bruised images and imaginary scars.
Pathetic little star,I don't have anything to wish upon...

One day,I swear,all of this
Is going to pay off...

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