miercuri, 8 decembrie 2010

Sweetest eyes I've ever seen!


I used to praise a pair of eyes some time ago,
God,I praised them so!
Gems embraced with a blinded soul,
even though they were rotten to the core!

...so blue,the sea frothed in rage,
the sky cried with angry rain,
swearing to seek revenge!

...so green,the fields faded to a shy yellow tone
and the emerald became opaque at the sight 
of such devilish love
hidden well in that drug!

...so brown,they killed the beating of my heart,
making autumn seem a blinded painter of a scattered feeling-
mystery rose from those beads,
hatred awoken by the precious meeting
with the curse,it seemed...

...so black,they scared even the hollow night,
taming crows and seducing witches with lonely and drained
lips of fright!
As poisonous grapes,with lustful delicious taste...

The mirage,the curse,the wicked spell!
All from an innocent pair
of eyes!
Stupid me,thinking I could have such wonderful Hell...

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