duminică, 19 decembrie 2010

Sleeping with roaches

It's about those girls 
who would do anything
for fame,and love,and fortune-
steal,lie and cheat,
strip naked and beg on their knees,
crawl,bow and cry
just to have their silly little dreams
come alive...

It's about those boys
who would do anything
to show their power-control,posses,
kick and hit to display manliness,
raw strenght,brutality at its finest,
just to hide the weakness of their soul
and the pain lingering in their kiss
after she leaves...

It's about those people
who would do anything
to feel alive for just one second in time-
fuck,scream,dance,hate and drink,
mess with their bodies
in the sickest ways,
just for one ounce
of sweet lies
on fragile trays...

It's about you.And me.And us.
It's about the crowd
of life itself
in which we entrust
our all.

2 comentarii:

şerban spunea...

uite aici. iti dau ceva\

Adriana spunea...

e superb,chiar aveam nevoie de asa ceva,de sentimentul ala :) <3