luni, 27 februarie 2012

Posttraumatic laugh

I wonder how the floor feels when we step
with tinted skin
on its wooden ribs.
I also think a lot about how other people suddenly notice
your eyes
when they want to use you or you've wept.
This world is a sad infant,
I know it very well,
but toys and sweets make it easier
to love.
Hope and faith make smiles linger on my face
even if a petty voice is always there to say:
"It's only temporary,love!It's only temporary...".
I find myself torn between
a steep cliff and a volatile sea,
wishing to jump and unable to move my lips.
Black is good,white is even better,
though grey seems to follow me around
like a peculiar lover.
I refuse to lower my heart
into the arms of despair.
I refuse to name my happiness
 a reason of shame.
I refuse to deny my mouth the simple marvel
of a laugh.
Now and then,I wonder
what purpose does my path have.

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