marți, 28 februarie 2012

Sapphirine dock

the more I stare,the more I feel
my ribs-
wooden planks that moan
and crackle at the feet
of every unreachable wave...
"perfection!" ah,did you twitch?
my dear,
the trees bend to reach your sandy heart,
wild flowers kiss the sky in blue perfume,
I dream of hurricanes and bliss
each time I hear unholy words
in this roofless home...
tomorrow's dawn has other plans
tucked between its shallow lips:
no more fantasies,
no more turquoise melodies...
even so,my eyelids stumble upon
fresh miracles
every time you say "Hello!"-
am I weak or are you the illegitimate
of this black and blue paradise?
the more I stare,the more I hear
the ocean's tongue whisper
with white tears...

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