vineri, 17 februarie 2012

Slippery slope

It's such a heartbreaking feeling,it can spoil your entire day.Oh,I should've known my miracles don't last for too long!It's just...You can barely see the strings that control your each and every action.Worst part?They don't pierce your palms.They don't cling to your ankles.No,no!They attach themselves to your emotions and wait.They wait for your brain to turn into mush.
One minute you're fine,the next you're sobbing.If only these were tears brought on by some sort of real pain!Heavens,no!My dark and mischievous dwellers feed upon imaginary monsters,mere enlarged projections of tiny,yet unpleasant events.This is where the agony begins...You know it's nothing.You can see how easily the situation can be overcome.You can almost whisper to yourself:"I'm going to make it!".But the layers of your soul divide,crash and burn between a tic and a toc.And,in that moment,you're lost.
Sartre said "Hell is other people".I beg to differ. Hell is right here,in my flesh,in my blood,in these red cheeks,which should be bearing a blossoming smile instead of puffy circles of angered skin."I'm not in any pain,neither physical,nor of the heart"-my side of the story."You are bruised,battered,one foot in the grave and you should act accordingly!"-mutters my designated devil.Guess who won tonight?I'll give you a hint:not reason...
I'm writing this down only to calm my hectic breathing and to cast away the thought that I'm going insane.Which I probably am.Today was such a peaceful,serene,love-filled day,that I can't help but feel ashamed of my wrecking it for myself.Crazy,isn't it?Like there is anything logical about this world nowadays!
I'm able to taste the air again,it's calmed down a little.I can handle trading a mini heart-attack for a splitting headache.Seems rather fair...All in all,words are my medicine-that's fact!
I'm not the one to point fingers,but I hate myself tonight.

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