sâmbătă, 9 ianuarie 2010


Printre ceasuri vechi,pe sub sentimente prafuite,in inima unui caiet candva lipit de inima s-a ascuns si "copilul" asta mic si strain de mine...(lasat in forma originala,bruta,asa cum a venit pe lume...)

"Another day has just passed by
And what do I remember?
That I was just alone and scared
And I thought I wouldn't settle...

I saw my life flash in one second:
I had no life,so it was brief.
Forthere I had no angel in it
To keep me safe and sound
Not weep...

You were not there to comfort me,
To say the smallest word with pasion,
Protect myself from my worst enemy
That stood well kept inside my tension...

I was the only one to see
The dark,profaning future coming,
There was no choice,I was so keen,
In making my end less stunning...

A clear,cold bullet through the flesh,
A beautiful sound ringing,
Another life seemed nevertheless
The most exquisite present...

Why did you come to spoil my fun?
Why did you make me question?
I was decided not to run
You made torture from liberation...

Stand I now with arms around me,
Ashamed that I once almost failled
Now,only love my true guide be
In life,in death,and in between...


Imbratisarea aceea nu a venit niciodata.Cel putin nu din exterior.Am fost nevoita sa invat sa ma salvez singura.