miercuri, 30 iunie 2010

Feast of friends

I don't recall asking you to be
my only wish and craving!
Would one give up his sanity like that,
for free?
Sweet gentle thief,you may not see
the outrageous effect
you have on me!
Better said,had...on me.

It seldom rains with crystal smiles-
but when it does,they break
in silence
and mask the harsh reality that fed
on personal and flaming
all this time.

I lust and love and cry and shout
and wish I knew what was it all
Mere mortal,I admit!
I need not an answer to
quench my thirst,
but a lasting mistery-
like the time
I saw you first...

Let's feast,my friends,for time is short
when you don't know
how much you've got
left to be stupid,dance,run,kiss,
pretend you can morph tragedy
into bliss!

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