joi, 17 iunie 2010

Where do we go now?

We're so stuck on the idea that
We're not complete and need our half!
That we're just seagulls with no sea,
Flapping crimson wings above
A shallow pool of misery
In which our sorrow coils
Again,and again,and again...

We're so in love with the feeling
Of misery we ourselves
From nothing more than simple coincidences
Of our holy faith!
And damned we be if we deny
Pure satisfaction that crawls into the mind
When the bottom of the pit becomes
The sky's highest peak,
Sadness is just another face of victory:
The sign we have conquered the inner child
Than unfair battle made us seek in lie...

We're addicted to the thought that
Life is measured in years of love,
Hours of kissing and 'happy' times!
It might be so,but it's more to this small part we play
On the huge stage we didn't have the choice
To accept or walk away
Than just...this.
It hurts,it bleeds with unseen liquid
The heart that does not have another one
To count its beats-It shall survive,nontheless,
'Cause we don't live to die:
We do it to try
To make matters worth it at the end of the road,
When you walk alone
To catch a shadow by the small finger,
To say "goodbye",not stall,not linger...

Tell me now and tell me true,
Could you survive without that drug?
Could I survive without the love?
Could we all make it day by day
In that emotional cold?
Honey,sugar,cursed flesh,
We're doomed to follow the orders
That insane organ of ours never
Settles down upon...
Does it really matter?
We enjoy every second of blissful torture,
And even add more...
We're ragged little puppets
Which can't say 'no'!

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