miercuri, 29 iunie 2011

The awkward moment when...

  • you're left speechless
  • you want to marry your bed and have an affair with your food
  • you have a crush on a celebrity/singer
  • your cat has a more interesting love life than you
  • you think you'll look good in something...until you actually try it on (sweet mother of mirrors!)
  • you feel like killing anything with a pulse
  • your mom realizes you have brown eyes instead of green ones,contrary to her belief(does '18 years' ring any bell?)
  • you're too numb to care
  • you have the Nyan Cat song stuck in your head
  • you haven't left the house in ages and any social contact feels like an alien abduction
  • you understand how awkward everything really is
  • they release the kraken...

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