miercuri, 15 iunie 2011


5:30-8:32 Oh,no!Oh,dear God,no!Nooooo! I want to die!Now!This instant! Holy Mother of God,what in the world am I going to do!?Can we all pretend I don't exist for just one day?Pretty please?

8:33-11:05- For real?Ok,let's do it your way...In the end,I'm the one that chose to do this,so " keep calm and carry on".Still,I am trying to figure out why the Hell I signed up for this in the first place!I must have a tumor growing on the part of my brain that's responsible with rational thinking...

11:06-15:05- You know what?Screw you and all your fancy stuff!I don't even...Eh,at least I'm not dead or something like that.And it's my life (thank you for pointing that out,Bon Jovi,it was a real epiphany for me!),so why would I care for a stupid piece of paper?Anyway,if I don't pass,I'll always have the voices in my head to comfort me.


15:06-17:55 Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedom!Thank you,Jeeeeeeeesus! "I believe I can flyyyy,I believe I can touch the skyyyyy!"Now I can finally breeeeathe!"What a feeeeeling..."

18:06 "Mom,I love you! Dad,I love you!Cats,I really,really,really love you! I'm so happy it's all over with!Ah...Now I'm hungry and sleepy and I'm starting to feel a little bitchy...So,what's for dinner?"

That's all for today,folks!

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