joi, 8 septembrie 2011



I can't sing.I'm not slim.I like bands that talk about death,sex,being an outcast and survival.I love food.I'm afraid of the dark.I design clothes and craft jewelry.I can't paint.I'm not particularly fond of socks.I really want a tattoo.I have a common face.I'm right-handed.I don't like people (in general).I'm scared to care too much.I support gay rights.I can't swim.I want to be invisible for all of my life.I like green apples.I don't want to be your friend.I can braid hair.I believe horses are one of the most elegant animals.I often think in English.I have the suspicion that my posters watch me while I undress.I'm allergic to happiness.I can't knit(I've tried,the knitting needles just don't like me).I thrive on coffee.I'm always angry.I appreciate a beautiful orchid.I can't shake off that feeling that something is constantly wrong.I like to sleep.I'm very,very,very afraid of tomorrow.I like my turquoise nail polish.I think I'm somehow sick.I love to read books,to escape from reality.I draw swirly-things when I'm bored.I want it to stop. I have an imaginary friend called Jack.I will never fit in.I'm not ok.And I really don't want to talk about it...

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