sâmbătă, 17 septembrie 2011

Among the living

 "Dude,some alien made you his bitch!"

"It's not food anymore,it's Darwinism!"

"Anthony,my heart's beating
through my spine!
Is it damnation
or a sign?"

"...no,man,kids are out of the question for me!I mean...How can I bring another being into this world?How can I take responsability for all the questions that still remain unanswered?How can I willingly bring a soul into the purest form of misery?!I can't...Don't give me that 'love,cuddles and unicorns' crap,'cause it ain't workin',alright?Yeah,maybe the mirage makes you forget this mad and pointless scenario that you're living,but you're still in the goddamn desert!
I may not be hell-bent on eradicating the entire human race,but I sure ain't adding another one to this  unsolvable equation we call 'life'!"

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