duminică, 18 septembrie 2011

One sun,one day

Sunday means the longest morning and the latest night of the week.
It also involves fresh brewed coffee,a charming playlist,inspiring pictures,uplifting daydreaming.
Oh,the perfume!Let's not forget the perfume!A subtle scent of sleepy sunsets,purring cats,lace gowns and a sprinkle of steaming raspberry tea.
A bit of fiction here,a page from a book there,it's all about seizing the day.
Forget tomorrow,it's not the end of the world!Even if it were,would you rather have spent your last day recreating Eden or fearing Hell?My point exactly...
So,trade that notebook for a laugh with your family.Tell someone what they mean to you.Show them,if you feel words are not the way to go this time.Enjoy life.Love what you are given.Believe that you can,confide that you should.Every man is blessed,whether he chooses to embrace that or not.
Sunday is the best day because it just is.

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