duminică, 11 iulie 2010

Bits of nothing

...the walls started laughing
at us
and swore on their chippy paint that
we seemed to them
mere hollow shells of humans
with discarded feelings,
broken bones,ragged
little dolls.

...we took insanity for granted,
reality as a bad joke
and death as an option-
not the solution.
...rain fell from nowhere
but couldn't wash away
the sorrow,the dirt,our pray
for just another day.

...eyes that rolled encountered
bruised flesh,overdosed tears,
hands without shelter,
teeth that pierced overwhelming
...nightmares and pain are a constant reminder
that we are ALIVE.
...don't lie,you need this
each and every time.

4 comentarii:

Edu spunea...

Prima data cand descopar pe cineva pasionat de The Doors, parinti mei... trebuie sa vbim, sa scriem, e bestiala intalnirea!

Adriana spunea...

"pasionat" e un cuvant foaaarte bine ales :">:))

Edu spunea...

Va am in blog-roll!

Adriana spunea...

si eu,imi pare rau ca doar de putin timp:">