luni, 5 iulie 2010

Don't you love her madly?

Our necks are bent in that shape which
made the rainbow laugh
again,and again,and again!
My sternum cracks and falls apart
everytime I watch the clock
running away with our limited time-
has this dusty thief no pride?!

Look how Indian feathers embroided under
our skin
remind us how long we've been
to set our bodies free
and introduce our rusty minds
to glee!
A door opens only one road,
but a key opens many doors!
I told you freedom killed the gods
and let purple living floods
the world!

I've built my castel from
pain,added hope,sprinkled
music's cream,
planted a glass tree
and swore to
be true to 'ME'!

Don't you love her madly
when she drops her soul on dry ground?
When scars revive the unhealed tears?
When she loves the love she found?
When she kills all her fears?
Don't you need her badly?
I do...

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