vineri, 16 iulie 2010

Original sin

You're too far away,you just can't see,
you're leaning against a red tree
and you're counting the days
when we could have been
Wait!I don't
believe in happiness,so I get
what I deserve!
Unlucky jewel,to be desired by such
a plain fool!

I know you're precious,I'm first to
embrace your pedestal,
but reality pushes into my
bruised eye
a blackened image of what used to be:
confortably numb,
an enriched delusion of perfection.

Looking back,I hang down my
and confess you were my original sin:
carving carnal plans,
feeding rickety desires,
melting unburnt fires.
Now,it's all just a lost train
that I intentionally left to pass
me by...
It wasn't worth the while.

No more apples for me,I'm letting
my mind,my soul and my lips
to dream
about times when I was
The Queen...

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