vineri, 2 iulie 2010

I need a brand new friend

I suddenly feel the need
to steal your blue eyes,
put them in a coffee box,
pierce randomly the shaky lid,
chase away the curious butterflies
and burry them in my
back yard!

Maybe the so called memories
will rot and I'll
not want
to always hang on to that elaborate
plan which I made up
one night,drunk
and all choked up
lacy smoke...
Oh,please,will you just tell me
a joke?!

I'm going mad,I need to recover
my hat
which mischievously ran
with my brains in it!
'Cause I need
to think once more,
even though I believe
more or less
reason is a whore.
Pardon me!
It's not in your schedule
to set me free.

What the heck,life strolls on,
streets grow taller on their own,
but for windy times' sake
was my illusion as fake
as the walls that break
in front of me today?
If you hadn't known by now,
today I found my soul:
red,hot,soaking in music-
a god like singer's

Silly me,thinking you were
worth it!

2 comentarii:

brain.damage.please spunea...

i love it with all my soul, and you took me from a dark place where everything was lost in space for good, to a place where i remembered what was like before, when i'd say "everything's not lost".
i... i told you about the feeling floating in my chest i got when i read this and i meant it. it's just's like an assurance coming from the outside world - "life strolls on, streets grow taller on their own"
it's beautiful.

Adriana spunea...

as I said before,I'm sooo happy it created that feeling so awsome it cannot be described,only truly felt(i should know,I'm familiar with it:-"):">:">:">
and I DO love you,don't you dare doubt that![-(:X