miercuri, 28 iulie 2010

Smoke on the water

You curl around my hips
like a tiny boy does to a branch
in his summer years...
And we weep,we drown
in sorrow,
we clench our fists and yell for more!
But do we desire so?
Guess no...

I press my cheek against your
and pray to God for the cherry trees
to forever blossom
above our heads!
And we curse,we dance
in the shallow sands
of our dreams...
But do we cherish the sleeping songs?
Guess no...

We sip the smoke on the water,
reminder of the holy times
when blue was everything...
And we go crazy,go wild,go insane
hearing our blood intertwine
again,and again,all over again...
But do we love the way we hate?
I guess...

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Ada spunea...

smoke on the water.. :x

Adriana spunea...