duminică, 4 iulie 2010

Green coffee on the ceiling

L.A. Woman,
naked and tall,
you're gonna go so far
by weaving your demonic hair
in the blue morning's shell
of liquer,orchids and
screams for raisin' hell!

Your disturbed dress floats
against all odds
and drains your life
in feathered sips
from the unholy hips
that made his night...
Scented lips of unconscious
shall be
eternal rotting friends
of the vapid
pain which
never ends...

Cross stone heart,
drink green coffee,
smother unborn baby-
overbaked plot!
Sins may vary,dreams grow old,
you should know
how to never get lost
on the road to
a new soul!

Hatred is not a choice,
love imprisons all poise,
abuse your voice,
shut that door,
break the windows,
grab his collar
and whisper him
Maybe he'll remember
he's not lost...

Green coffee on the ceiling,
how I'd love to become one
with this feeling...

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