vineri, 28 octombrie 2011

Friday blues

When you don't know what to say,just take a step back,keep your mouth shut and your eyes closed.Don't be a hero,don't be sarcastic,don't start a war you can't win.Some people just can't see the bigger picture...Maybe you're still stuck watching the horizon...Who can really say for sure what/who is right?
I didn't know what to say today.I'm not keeping up with the rest,but that's ok (I guess).I'm not the one to follow "just because"-even so,it's sometimes kind of cold, kind of lonely...Hey,it could be worse!
You didn't understand anything,is it?That makes two of us! Eh...Since I'm feeling more like Heaven and less like Hell today,I'll go ahead and say:"I'm fine!I'm used to this".

Coffee junkie confession no. 22: I have become a lost cause...Coffee is now my only god and I merely listen to his will of transforming me into the perfect vessel for world domination!I will try to replace my bloodstream with caffeine webs of unjustified love and ridiculously high levels of energy.With a little more effort and a few gallons of sweet black nectar the plan shall prevail!Oh,how it burns and stings!It doesn't matter!I could suffer for all eternity if one moment of complete peace and serenity would grant me its secret...Waiter,fill my cup!Again!

I shouldn't be this easy to entertain...I shouldn't be this sleepy...I shouldn't be so afraid to escape my cocoon...Then again,I am.I regret nothing!

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