vineri, 13 august 2010


Love should be banned.
Intelligence should be dismissed.
Hugs should always be for free.
Kisses should last forever,and ever,and ever...
Candy should never make you fat.
Sleep should heal all your wounds,the ones you can see and the ones you can't.
Hate should make you understand and appreciate love.
Pain should make you feel alive.
Death should make you shiver,scream,never take things for granted.
Lovers should make you feel 'the one and only'.
Boys should make you want to carry their babies.
Girls should make you fell like everyday is a new beauty contest.
Atheists should convince you of God's existence.
Believers should make you question everything.
Smart people should leave you lusting for more.
Dumb people should leave you feeling the desperate need for more.
Piercings should make you say:'Arrrgh!'
Parents should let you drink,smoke and have sex.(they did it,anyways!)
Friends should lie,manipulate,help and smile pretty.
Pets should be immortal.
Coffee should flow in rivers by my bedroom window.
Dreams-especially sweet and life-like ones-should be declared illegal.
Drugs (depends on what you consider 'drug' to be) should be legal.
Hypocrisy should be a sin.
I should me.
End of story.

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