miercuri, 4 august 2010


She walked along the narrow street as if
she knew the entire world at her feet;
the silky dress waved in flowing grace
above the heads of those
drooling at the sight of her face:
a god with breasts and all the rest.
She blinked at me twice with serpent's eyes,
molesting my thoughts and raping my blooming mind-
how was I to resist such a mischievious devil?
She pursued the selling of my soul,classy rebel...
My knees went soft and mushy,like yesterday's forgotten pudding,
my lips trembling as I were about to say 'Yes!' at my own wedding!
A plague,I tell you,a plague in high heels...
She mastered my soul from that dreadful second on
with an invisible leash clenched to the neck of my invisible soul-
what did I ever did to her?
Just sitting on a bench,chocking on a cigarette,
fighting the wind and another day!
She had to come along and become a threath...
To what?To whom?Myself!
I was falling deeper then the sinful,I bet!
Like a cat she moaned walking beside my broken breath,
rejoicing on my prison,enjoying my crumbling chest-
I felt her insane lips as the train I never seeked
but always missed...
As the last smoke before the fire repents,
she dissapeared in the mist.
I would never be the same again:
cursed,in flames,directing my soft parade.

Woman of none and all,
don't jump the wall!
The other side is crimson and blue,
they don't need you more then we do!
On the other hand,a bird in a cage isn't much fun-
so,let's kill the bird and bury the gun.
The cage is all ours to worship and adore
She won't bewitch no more...

I got it all wrong!
Her heart was backwards,that's why she couldn't love...

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