sâmbătă, 14 august 2010


Cateodata imi vine sa...ugh!Sunt momente d-alea cu tenta majora de 'wake-up call' care te dau peste cap si te fac sa vezi viata schimband putin sau putin mai mult unghiul.Adica...Damn!Uneori chiar am impresia ca ma urati.Exact!Ma urati!Voi,cei care ar trebui sa ma iubiti cel mai mult,obligati din diverse motive naturale/artificiale,etc.,faceti tot posibilul sa-mi demonstrati contrariul:ca sunt o fiinta inferioara voua,nedemna de ceva vag apropiat unui sentiment pozitiv,recipientul in care va scuipati pana si ultima picatura de venin.Eu,idioata,va accept acest gest inefabil,lasandu-va sa va desfasurati...sa va desfasurati.Cand INSA ripostez,situatia brusc se metamorfozeaza cataclismic,lista reprosurilor adresate ghici cui?exact!mie!!! marindu-se proportional.Screw you and screw you all!Nu-s proasta satului!Nu stiu ce sa fac...Cred ca o sa incerc sa devin invizibila.Ugh!

The river hissed and told me lies,
grey lies,wicked lies,whirling lies,
just to get me in his liquid bed
of eternity.
How suicidal tentacles danced upon his head!

I smiled and politely said:'No...'-
I wouldn't go so far...
The deserts in one's life are equaled by oases
some way,someday,somehow-
it's not my time to go,I feel it in my heart!
It pierces my brains and swallow the bad
decaying remains of anger,solitude and pain...

For those who 'care',do not twitch!
I do not feel the need to touch the switch!
I'd rather hurt myself that hurt you-
but that won't happen for I strongly fear the fact of
again,hurting you...
See the irony?
Behold the blasphemy!
Fear me madly...

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