luni, 16 august 2010

Take it as it comes

Like a prayer,like a dove,
like a little naughty girl,
like a saint,
like a sinner,
like the kiss that warms your winter,
like a car crash,
like a child,
like a fire that blows my mind,
like tomorrow,like today,like never,
like the raven's claws that
proove to be too clever
in extracting without warning
my heart
and trying to heal it,make it better,
capable of loving another...

Brush your hips against my dreams,
your peachy,perfumed,eternal twins,
the source of live end endless tease!
Dance with them my weary existence
in one obsessive song
of delirium and wisdom!
Colour with your chalky bones
beneath my flesh
smoky petals,lemons,turquoise ghosts!
Promise me you'll never go!

Sleep,my love,
drown in tears
and bring me from that wicked land
your biggest fears!
I'll tame them,feed them,hate them,
dissolve them...
Only to be revived again!
I won't make it to the end...

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