miercuri, 5 ianuarie 2011

I want...I need...I hope.


I want this song that lives inside my brain
To grow arms and legs and freely run again!
With flaming breath of words and sounds
To gain more power,more strenght,become as loud
As the curse that swims inside my mouth
Everytime I'm unable to feed the anger dying
Inside my heart...

I need to know I can trust myself at any time,
Not to be afraid of my reactions,cheat or lie,
Claim the truth in order not to appear vulnerable.
By feeling lost inside myself
It seems as if I've lost my half-
That part that whispers in the night:"It's alright,
You and me,we'll make it to the sunrise..."

I hope for the better and I hope for the worst,
For one cannot make the difference without both
Inside the same clear frame of life
That needs a balance between bad and right;
Ally and enemy on the same battlefield,
Peace is necessary,but war is a thrill...

Maybe one day I'll understand myself.Until then...well,good luck!

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