miercuri, 12 ianuarie 2011

...until the fat lady sings!

Inspiratie straina.

I'd love to be your Anna Molly...All dressed up in leather and willing to bleed.

I wanted a smoke and to take a walk,but you told me to build God,then we'll talk.

You gave me a gift-the crystal ship.I gave you my dreams and something to feel between your lips-fear.

We cry,my ego and I-there's no one to blame,no reason to fail.The world is driving me insane!

I never told you what I do for a living,it would have been to hard on you.How could you ever face the turquoise sky knowing the one you love kills words and turns them into lies?Poem-cages,shaky mind...

From my feet to my fingers,lingering in my knees and throat,washing my chest and twisting the rest,your kiss was like a hurricane-tearing all walls along the way...

I can't change your taste in men,but women...Well,let's say we're made out of the same clay.

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