sâmbătă, 9 octombrie 2010


I pick my right hand off the ground
And pray it has no cracks.
Autumn coughed,
Made me laugh,
Drop it.
I see it's devilish twin
Fall on a bed
Of leaves 
An stare with blue
At me.
Can't move.
Two frozen legs lean against
An apple tree
In sweet misery.
Just my luck!
Looking up to the sky
I see hanging from a
Black&white branch
A pair of purple lips.
They whisper slowly:
"Tag!You're it..."
Can't breathe.
I've become today
Just another prop
In this season's play!
Windy curses paint the still canvas
Which has imperceptibly encaged me.

I crave to eat an apple-
But the apple already ate me.

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