luni, 11 octombrie 2010

Not another fairy tale...

You don't get it,do you?
Come on...
I stopped looking for Prince Charming when I was four,
Understanding he only was a fantasy-
Nothing more.
The Beast didn't attract me in particular either,
Knowing very well beauty was not 
Something to be proud of.
The Knight in Shinning Armor didn't make me sigh or blush,
Considering he never came-
Maybe he was in a rush.
I kissed my fair share of frogs-
Trust me,it's not always that fun...
Then again,what could I have done?
I don't wanna shrivel in a corner with
A cobweb in my hair
Hoping and praying Mr.Perfect will come
And safe the day!
Let's be real...
There's no such thing-for me,at least.
We are all human-our paint is chipped,
Our bones are crushed and our souls
Still weep...
I don't need another perfect fairy tale-
I need a story to make me yell,
Love,learn and become what I was meant
To be.
Think you can handle it?

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