marți, 19 octombrie 2010


 It's just one of those freakin' days
When everything goes wrong and everything IS wrong.
The sky seems to be collapsing over my swollen head and 
My insides feel like they are being 
Stapled to the ceiling.
Not an ounce of love to germinate at the cold window,
Not a smile to hang on to,
No confidence to put aside for gloomy days,
No nothing.
I can feel my shell being padded with winter moods
But I fail to recognise the purpose of such a
Numb show.
Don't try to save me,you'll end up falling too...
Anger gives birth to anger,an aching heart to ignorance
And a raised wall to watery eyes.
What a drag!
It's just one of those freakin' days
When you feel ugly
And blue...

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