marți, 12 octombrie 2010

Compressed universe

 The sky is torn and wild black holes give birth
To new horizons...
My planets have aligned,
My stars have rushed to shine
Over a new name.
Sanity of mine,
So soon have you returned
I am delighted,
Never thought I would ever
The bitter relief of overused cuffs
My wrists...
My universe is crammed into a box
With shallow holes and things I now look upon
Without a single wince.
When I go to sleep,
I feel cosmic dust swinging on my eyelashes,
Comets dancing for my blinded sight,
Your memory imploding
Into nothing...

In every end I see a new beginning,
In every dried tear from "then"
I've raised a brand new smile for "now".

You made me grow.
Thank you.
I'm tall.

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Anonim spunea...

You know the word: BRILLIANT!

Adriana spunea...


Ada spunea...

i love it :)

Adriana spunea...