sâmbătă, 30 octombrie 2010

Closer to the edge!

There are people that just make you wanna take a chance,plunge into nothing with a big grin painted on your face and not give a damn about everything/everybody else.And you don't even have to know these guys!

I woke up cursing and I have a slight feeling that I'm gonna go to bed doing the same thing (unfortunately!).But in between these moments I'm so going to believe that the world is mine and I can conquer ALL:dreams,fears,people,beasts,the sun and sea,the infinite sky and my own being!I might be going insane,but I'd have it like this each and every single day of my life!I wanna open the door and yell until my lungs turn to dust:"NO!NO!NO!I will never...".What?Forget,regret,lie to myself,become what others want me to be instead of staying true to myself,betray a friend,stop loving,hate my life and so on.I'll say shallow words and they'll come as sons and daughters of anger,pain,stupidity.The moment I take the above seriously,I'm gonna hold my breath until my brain recovers from the temporary insanity.Screw it all,life is HERE and LOUD and ...WOW!I'm such an idiot for not making the best out of every second I am given.
I'm not gonna bow my head and I'm not gonna take it anymore!I might be living for nothing and dying in vain,but at least it's gonna be one hell of a ride!


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