luni, 4 octombrie 2010

Autumn freak

I hear water singing in rusty pipes,
I can't taste your smell anymore
In those torn kites.
It seems as if our stars fell
And turned into glitter,
Now resting  with broken light
On the kitchen floor.
This naked tree
With claw-like hands
That pierces our windows,
Awakening lost phantoms.
Ruined carpet.Wet cigarettes.
Parties crashed and parties left
Hanging above drunk heads
In dreaming clouds of
Whiskey and rum.
Not a joke,nothing fun...
The only humming bird
Is that tattooed on
My hip:
Tunes of a dirty skin.
Can't weep.Can't curse.Can't sleep.
Can't make any sense of it!
Hide our house's key.
Throw away my fears.
Let's just lose...
Our minds.
Our lies.
Our souls.

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