sâmbătă, 23 octombrie 2010


Woke up one morning,
Found myself all caught up
In red:
Water beads
On the southern window,
Unfiltered thoughts,
Breakable hearts
On abused
Playing cards...
Red smoke,red dress,red lips.
Red kisses painted on the bedroom's
Red insecurity well hidden under a
Red bed.
Red tears.Red fears.Red dreams.
Red nails scrathcing the city's
Red panorama.
Red teeth crunching on red apples.
Red hair dripping paranoia on
Red became our passion-
We smothered it trully well...
Red is the devil's charm,
Red is the cigarette's ash,
Red is the impatience building up.
Red is my anger.
I feel the red time
Glowing in the approaching dark!
Red laugh...

2 comentarii:

IuLian spunea...

Hmmm, frumos, mi'am imaginat fiecare cuvintel tastat in aceasta postare ;)).

Adriana spunea...

e de bine atunci :P