vineri, 6 mai 2011


Today was about sins and...enjoying them!What's so wrong in being happy for a moment in time?What's so outrageous about staying true to your own nature? Why should I be ashamed with what I feel?Let me tell you this:I am proud!I am proud that I finally have the courage to confront my own fears and prejudices.And if that's a sin...well,spare me a place in Hell!
 "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone"-though it may sound a little hypocritical,it's the naked truth.On earth we are judged by men and women.In what is to come...who knows?Gods and beliefs vary.In our souls lies the reality of what we cannot touch,see,prove.
Before I die,I want to feel all that I was meant to feel,as every character I will have the chance to play.
Have faith in something greater than you,don't regret anything and never expect a smooth ride-this is my creed now!And,believe me,those bumps in the road just make the ride more interesting...
All in all,I'd rather be nobody to everyone,yet someone in my eyes.

2 comentarii:

Ioana spunea...

"every kiss that i don't give is another life that i don't live
and it's so much sweeter when i do..."

...nothing wrong in that!
si da, raspuns e sigur ca da, cand am ajuns acasa am crezut ca esarfa mea s-a ratacit pe strada. bine ca te-a gasit pe tine

Adriana spunea...

so damn right! <3
m-a gasit,iti povestesc :)) luni o sa va reintalniti,te asigur >:D<