duminică, 8 mai 2011

Sink or swim

Though the sky's a wet shower curtain,
dripping endlessly with melancholy,
I still see the sun that lies behind it.
Though I'm only a piece of an infinite puzzle,
young,raw and uncertain,
I still have a nebula in my hands.
Though few things bring me closer to the picture of a saint,
I still have faith in something that spreads in my soul
like a redeeming shiver.
Though it's enough to say "yes." and carry on,
I shout "no!",raise my head,
refuse to kneel in front of the crowd.
Though I can't make you understand,
I can still make you listen,see,reconsider
the lie you take for granted as the truth.
Though numbers and figures guide our lives,
I'd rather find salvation in words,in love,
in light.
Though I'm not the only one,
I am matchless and
I am strong!

2 comentarii:

29decembrie spunea...

. . . i am strong tooooooo ooo.x

Adriana spunea...

that's the spirit! :)) :>