vineri, 30 martie 2012

Black tides

Basically,the world sucks.No,it really sucks.And,no matter how hard I try to make it brighter and less pointless,it always finds a way of telling me "misery is just around the corner,sweetheart".
I care too much.I'd love anything for the mere fact that it exists and that I'm fortunate enough to enjoy its miracle.I adore the earth that I walk on and I'm fascinated with all the little wonders we fail to recognize on a daily basis.The fact that the planet is revolving right in this very moment around a star in the middle of the whole freakin' Universe (while doing its best not to collapse into nothingness) is so extraordinary that I can't even begin to understand the complexity of pretty much everything.You might think that I'm the type of person who constantly cries over how beautiful the world is and wishes for peace,unicorns and other such mythical concepts.On occasions,I am.But I'd rather keep my enthusiasm partly confined and release it through short outbursts of "excited,verging on ecstatic".It keeps me mildly sane and under the impression that life is worth a damn.Even so...
Even so,I hate it.I truly loathe the world sometimes.Hate that runs through your veins and makes you want to break an entire China set.Pure Hell taking over your body and your mind.
The more I care,the more it hurts.The less I care,the less it makes sense.Everything.Anything.And I only begin to realize how much of a hypocrite I really am when the big picture reveals itself...For example,I will cringe a bit at the news of a war starting in some remote part of the world,but I will most definitely cry my lungs out upon remembering the death of too many loved ones and too many forgotten pets.Important historical facts and dates?Neah!100+1 birthdays,random movie releases and God knows what other numbers?Yep,that's me!Literally.
And I sometimes hate my life because it offers me so many amazing and wonderful things,only to take them away from me.

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