joi, 29 martie 2012

Sealed with wine

it's like sinking without a ship-
going down,just down,
into the abyss
of everything you were
and failed to remain.

it's that feeling with a scarlet tint,
splattered across your eyes
and piercing through your skin
like too many broken pieces
of yesterday's dreams.

it's painful and extatic,
a waltz composed of hazy moves,
the basic structure from which derives
the myriad of emotions
that you never remembered
to wash away
with liquor.

it's like crashing into a black hole
and not wanting to be saved-
so alone,so very alone,
yet so content with a kingdom
of dying stars and silly laughs
that shall never replace
a warm soul.

it's like being drunk,
wanting more,
dripping in coffee
and wishing for the only thing
that could now save you-

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