sâmbătă, 24 martie 2012

When will I ?

Who I am.Who I used to be.Who I should be.Haze.Blue cars with broken windows.Mascara on jeans and cheeks.Books in red and green stripes.Crying because of everything.Right pain.Secondhand day.Ugly nail polish.Dizzy eyes.Strangers with the same blood.How they see me.How I see myself.How I really am.Silver rings.Memories of cherry flowers and old poetry.Chapped lips.The shadow of an imaginary embrace.Hate mixed with confusion.Wet pages.Wishes that will never come true.What I had to do.What I have to do.What I could never do.Grey socks.A homemade supernova.Cats and endless sunny seconds.Repetitive weaknesses.Black shivers.Lipstick drawings on every mirror.Sandpaper skin.Blind friends.Where was I?Where am I?Where should I go?Spring winds.Premature anxiety.Dry fingertips.Silly fever!Scarlet numbers.Silent burdens.Baby headache.Wanting to want nothing.Dirty sweaters.Poisonous thoughts.When will I care again?

"Everything has its time and everything ends."

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