luni, 5 martie 2012

Rambling out loud


If there's one thing I hate,that's being sick.More specifically,having a cold.As life itself isn't enough of a pain in the...lungs!Ugh!
First of all,it's not something you can just ignore and then carry out your daily routine.Oh,no!Most likely,you'll end up with a 24h disease-induced military drill:8 hours of muscle pain,8 hours of tissue abuse,plus another 8 hours of moaning(due to the fact that,well,your previous two actions result in a dangerously painful combination).And did I mention my nightmares are back in town?No?Jolly good then!
Heavily medicated and soaked in chamomile tea,I try to make sense of this sensation and be,to some degree,productive.Needless to say,I'm not very successful at neither of my goals.In my defense,it's kinda challenging to operate "heavy machinery"(a.k.a. books and dishes) while being dizzy,tired,confused and drowsy,all at the same time.
And,to top this bad baby off,I'm going through what I like to call "an existential crisis"-again!As a result,the past becomes too far away to notice,the present is more confusing than ever,and the future seems too surreal to even believe in.The only advantage of the cold/panic attack clash is that I can blame my never-ending tears on the first,even though I know the truth gets the silver medal...
All in all,the last few days have been crappy.I'm scared,I'm weak,my bones hurt,and I can't stop fixating on things that only make me feel worse.Everybody knows the saying "no pain,no gain",but I think we can all agree that this has gotten way out of hand!I'd be a little more optimistic,but my "happy" jar is out of cookies.
Now,if you'll excuse me,I have to take my cough syrup and bang my head against a wall.

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