vineri, 16 martie 2012

Picture this...

silly things make silly dreams,
but silly things are very pretty
in the dark 
and when you're lonely.

mirror,mirror on the wall,
is this me or is this wrong?
am I that or am I more?
does my soul glow red
or gleam in silver?

silly things bring silly tears,
but silly things can change 
a quiet being into
a feeble beast.

mirror,mirror on the floor,
am I sad or am I strong?
is this fact or am I blind?
do I care of flesh
or do I value minds?

silly things ruin silly days,
but silly things seem to be
everything between
quick pictures and
hopes of bliss.

mirror,mirror on the wall,
is this beauty or is this poison?
 should I love or should I scream?
am I worthy 
or am I just a sin?

 it's funny how something that small can destroy an empire

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