sâmbătă, 17 martie 2012

Time & space

What is time?That unique second between your birth and your death.The longest hour spent in the womb of anxiety.A sip of coffee and a wink for a god.Billions upon billions of marching clocks.A kiss that seems to last for all eternity.A timetable where fear constantly lingers.Ticks and tocks,youth and lust.A race between day and night.Being trapped in the cage of a dull class.The speeding serenity of a summer's day.A passing smile.Music and happiness.Sweet dreams!

What is space?Suns and galaxies tucked under your bed.The park where you first rode your bicycle.Streets and rooms.The sky that never runs out of blue.Wonderland seashores.The city of your soul.Light flooding empty nightmares.Snowy hills.Wooden boxes.Ships run by polite pirates and foamy waves.The shelves where you lay your books.Bitter chairs.The bottom of a tea cup.Dark boulevards.Radiant tables.A shining house.Good morning,Earth!

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