duminică, 7 aprilie 2013

Bad back,good memories

Careless nights make me want to marry my bed.
With this kind of treatment fit for a king,I'll never end up being a responsible and independent adult.
Though it's been a fleeting and gloomy meeting (damn you,crazy weather!),I can't deny it's wonderful to chat with a dear friend and be our silly selves again.
"No train Sunday" sounds amazing,doesn't it?
Good food and familiar company always have a way of silencing,if only for a while,the demons in my head.
I'm procrastinating my life away in such a pleasant way sometimes that I can't even be bothered to care.
To study for my midterm or to (re)watch "How to train your dragon" with my brother?Decisions,decisions...I'll get the popcorn.
My back hates me so much that it has apparently decided to screw with my pain threshold-yeah,that's not working out pretty nicely...
Call me crazy,but the best time for coffee is "now".
What a day...

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