duminică, 21 aprilie 2013

Blank day

You wake up,but you don't feel alive at all.You eat,but every bite is hard to swallow and tastes like purposeless dust.You cling to a cup of coffee,but the past comes creeping in,as does your carelessly smothered rage.You try to read,but words seem vapid,stingy,dumb.You go outside,but there's too much sun and too little comfort in such a familiar place.You listen to music,but you know all too well that this will come back to bite you in the heart someday.You turn on the TV,but those people seem stupid and too tiresome.You try to write,but the ink hurts your fingers and your eyes.You bury your head into a pillow,but sleep is too much of a wicked monster to relieve your aches.You cry,but your tears are on the inside and there's only so much you can do to turn them into the catharsis you so badly need.You try to find a solution,but your problem doesn't have one.You wish this were somebody else's story,but the odds aren't in your favor today.

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