luni, 22 aprilie 2013

Hidden purpose

I didn't want to go back today.Waking up,there was this awful taste in my mouth and the alarm clock sounded even more haunting.So I granted myself another day of isolation,another day for closure,another day to try to let go.
Life is so weird when it doesn't seem like your life anymore:you read,you eat,you weep,but everything has a hazy aura to it and you're constantly waiting for that badly written script to unravel a silly joke. doesn't.People come and go,life carries on with you stuck in the background.
Even so,sometimes,some blessed times,salvation has a name and that is "patience".Sometimes,it's a good thing to pray.Sometimes,a beloved soul is returned to you and the world makes sense again.Sometimes,it's OK to be a stupid child...
Maybe my staying had a hidden purpose,maybe it was pure luck.Either way,I'm happier now that this day has a purr to it.

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