luni, 15 aprilie 2013

Clever words

I've always thought that being smart
meant having words flow out of your mouth
like gilded sparrows of glistening wit
and people around you rushing to catch them
before they dissolved into thin air
-but I've grown now,more so than I ever
wished and believed,grown into this being
that seems to have no seams...
being smart is knowing when to sew your mouth
with the most intricate pattern of disbelief and charm.
being smart is throwing a word like a rock
into a puddle and watching as the calamity unfolds
all beautiful and distraught.
being smart is more like a brutal beast
than a tamed lamb-
you need to butcher your way around with the most
beautiful smile at hand.
I'm not smart- I'm just a coward with a pen
and a swollen ego from the past...

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