sâmbătă, 20 aprilie 2013

Leave me be!

People don't understand other people's pain.
They turn it into something trivial and unimaginable just because they can't relate to it.You cry because you're weak,because you're a child,because you're not thinking straight-but never because your pain is real,too damn real,and,in the words of a wise man,"it demands to be felt".
My pain is as real as can be and I need to let it consume me for a while if I am to come out of this whole ordeal at least a bit sane.
You have no right to tell me for whom or what I should and shouldn't weep,no right to tell my heart what's "important" and what's not.
Do you know why I ache so badly?Because I have so little in my life which matters that I can't bear loss.Yes,I'm a child,a stupid,loving,empathy-driven and hopeless child,who cares for a cat as much as does for a man.
And this child has one reason less to come home and one fearful reason more to leave it behind...

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