sâmbătă, 28 ianuarie 2012

Always remember!

some words are like the steps of a ladder,
while some turn out to be so cold
that they
shape ice out of water

some sounds cover filthy letters with love,
while some just wash away the blasphemy
from sores inflicted
by closed doors

some songs alter the course of history,
while some make use of pain and abuse
in order to generate
a little bit of ecstasy

some people cover their faces with fears,
while some fall asleep in the prosperous
of old books and dreams

some days seem to resemble the roads of Hell,
while some divide
with dazzling arms
courage from despair

some feelings descend from the vines of Heaven,
while some crawl with
aching limbs
in the caves of November

some nights fall like a silver nightgown,
while some swoon at the thought
of having to embrace
the harshness of another weary

it hurts me to know that the future hides behind a shadow

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